A Look at the Concept of Abundant Leadership from a Different Perspective

History is often seen as the narrative of those who held enormous influence over the masses and had a distinct aura or halo around them. The ordinary was bound to the wielder’s person in a tacit link of undeniable loyalty, awe, and inspiration by this aura, or we might say, a marked personality. However, it was the inner attitude, thinking process, fortitude, entrepreneurial talent, tenacity in the face of hardship, and so on that characterized the wielder of such power, not his or her exterior qualities. Such a person is often referred to as a leader.

The implication of the preceding debate is that leadership is all about mentality. In today’s post-COVID world, the significance of mentality cannot be overstated.

In effect, abundant leadership is based on the notion of plenty. Consider this: what if your leadership comprises a never-ending supply of optimism, as well as a comparable abundance of options and opportunities? A self-assured and self-confident leader would undoubtedly endorse such a situation, in which they go on to share their success secrets, believe in collaborative advancement, and are not concerned about losing their competitive advantage in the market by sharing their hard-won knowledge. A leader going on the defensive or claiming they know everything is a more common and anticipated occurrence. Especially in volatile economic times like those during the terrible COVID outbreak, people tend to save resources, get frightened at even minor difficulties, or hang on to possessions with all their might.

Abundant leadership comes into play in this situation. A whole circumstance, which previously seemed dark and hopeless, might be altered by controlling emotions, resetting established behaviors and mental patterns, and focusing on the attitude. An abundant leader focuses on his abilities and skills while also enlisting the help of others to ride the wave of prosperity as well as facing hurdles bravely with grit and bravery. An abundant leader is committed to self-awareness for the rest of his or her life. An abundant leader can materialize what lesser leaders can’t because of his or her inner mastery of sentiments.

The “scarcity attitude” is frequently associated with the inferior leaders in this situation. A leader with a scarcity mentality sees the world through the lens of what is missing. They believe that the world’s resources are finite and that every increase in one must entail a proportionate decrease in another. They surround themselves with barriers and lead with dread, which they pass on to their teams, robbing them of their self-assurance. Nothing, they feel, is or will ever be adequate. They are wary of risk and innovation, as well as anything that does not look feasible or practical. This is the foundation of “The Crucial Difference,” and Abundance Leaders are unquestionably successful in this area.

So, what are the key characteristics and mindsets that distinguish abundant leaders from the rest? Abundant leaders, as previously said, think in terms of development and plenty. They are devoid of any anxieties that would cause them to be fearful and self-fulfilling. They believe in the success of their tribe and the development of the community. They want to leave a legacy of plenty, and they tend to leave the world with more value than they have taken. Believe me when I say that practically all very successful entrepreneurs, businessmen and women, executives, managers, and others have this abundant attitude, and as a result, they attract even more riches and success in life while also assisting others in realizing their aspirations. Let us now look at some of the characteristics of bountiful leaders that keep them in top gear even in the face of adversity.

They Provide Credit to Others: Abundant leaders like to give credit to their collaborators while basking in the glory of the collaborative achievement. They are more concerned with the enrichment of thoughts and knowledge than with celebrity.

They Solicit Input: Abundant leaders really trust in the wisdom and expertise of others, and they are not afraid to seek it out. They would rather obtain the optimal answer through active engagement and the sharing of success stories.

They extend trust: Abundant leaders understand the value of extending trust to others because they understand that in order to get the greatest outcomes, a trusting atmosphere is essential. This does not indicate that they are gullible or that they are blind to dangers or failures; rather, it demonstrates the importance they place on fostering a culture of trust that begins with them.

They spend time coaching others. Abundant leaders like to share their knowledge and skills by assisting others in achieving their goals. Coaching others not only creates a general plenty for everybody, but it is also seen as a highly fulfilling experience for the abundant leaders themselves.

They Build Communities of Like-Minded People: Abundant Leaders become a channel for connecting people who come seeking aid to their network by adopting a helpful attitude, thus building a community of like-minded individuals geared toward development and achievement.

They reach out to others to address hidden needs. Abundant leaders are genuinely sensitive to the needs of others, and they do not hesitate to reach out to them with a helping hand, words of encouragement, or counsel when they see someone hurting.

Leadership that is abundant is a phenomenon of the future. Abundant leaders will not only survive, but flourish, especially in these trying times, by cultivating a culture of plenty and minds focused on growth and success, while holding each other’s hands and sharing in each other’s advancement.

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